Friday, April 12, 2013

Raw Bawrritos with Brazil Nut Pate

Raw burritos and wraps are another staple in raw food cuisine. It's quick, easy, and delicious to just grab a burrito or wrap for lunch or dinner, or when you are on the go. There are a variety of "bean" like fillings to use. I really love using Brazil nuts for flavor and for the rich, fatty quality it gives. The particular filling used in this recipe is another one of my pates. I think you will really enjoy this one.

Raw Bawrritos with Brazil Nut Pate
For the Brazil Nut Pate.
1 cup of brazil nuts
1/2 cup of soaked sunflower seeds 1 clove garlic minced 1 teaspoon of cumin, paprika (adjust to taste) pinch or more of sea salt 1 or more teaspoons EVOO add water as needed to make the mixture creamier

For the Wrap.
Collard Greens (stalks thinned out, washed and dried well)

For the additional Fillings.
Use whatever you'd like. I used avocado, Bragg's Amino Acids, arugula, and tomato.

Make the pate first. Grind nuts and seeds in food processor a bit, then add the other ingredients to make it all mix well. Place heaping spoonfuls of the pate on the collard green leaves like a burrito. Add a splash of Bragg's Amino Acids (if desired), mashed avocado, finely diced tomato, arugula, and a dash of kelp flakes, with a touch of mustard - or whatever fixings you'd like to add to make your bawrrito yummy. Roll them up and there you have it!:)

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